Health Justice Guide

Health Justice Guide

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This curated guide is a compilation of the primary resources available on LCN's Resource Center about Health Justice. It includes videos, articles, books, and other tools.


The LCN Resource Center is launching a new community: The Health Justice Community. This is a curated guide for people that are interested in Health Justice. Either if you are starting this journey or you are an experienced activist, you will be able to find something in this Center for you.


First of all, you can choose your own path on this site. You can either choose to start your journey as a “New Health Activist” or you can continue your journey as a “Current Health Activist”.

You will find dozens of materials on Health Justice by browsing the whole site and you will have options to refine the results by clicking on ‘Refine by Region’, ‘Refine by Format’ etc on the right hand-side.

Intro to Organizing (in Health)

Organizing is a particular form of Leadership. While developing this Health Justice Guide several discussions were happening about the scope that a project like this should have. In that sense, a couple of questions were stated:

  1. Who are my people?
  2. How can we work with them to enable them to turn their resources into the power they need to accomplish the changes they want?
  3. What is the change they need from their perspectives?

People, Power, Health and the Leading Change Network are excited to introduce the Health Justice Community, a virtual space for people interested either in:

  • Starting health activism in their communities by embracing community organizing, or
  • Supporting and enable current health justice organizers to deepen their practice and find new resources.

From the following options select which path you want to take today:

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