Guide to Public Narrative Resources

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Welcome to our curated guide to Public Narrative, a compilation of key resources available on Leading Change Networks's Resource Center about narrative as a leadership practice.


The LCN Resource Center is organized by three overarching topics: Organizing, Narrative, and Campaign and Movement Building. This is a curated a guide on Narrative for beginners and experts alike. In this guide, you’ll find carefully selected resources to help you jumpstart your narrative practice if you’re just beginning or further hone your skills if you’re experienced in public narrative. You can also browse the whole topic and refine the results by clicking on ‘Refine by Region’, ‘Refine by Format’ etc on the right hand-side of the search page.

A story communicates fear, hope, and anxiety, and because we feel it, we get the moral not just as a concept, but as a teaching of our hearts. That’s the power of story. – Marshall Ganz

Understanding the Power of Stories

Learning About Public Narrative

A story is like a poem. It moves not by how long it is, nor how eloquent or complicated. It moves by offering an experience or moment through which we grasp the feeling or insight the poet communicates. – Marshall Ganz

Story of Self, Us and Now

Social movements are often the “crucibles” within which participants learn to tell new stories of self as we interact with other participants. – Marshall Ganz

Examples of Story of Self

Examples of Story of Us

Examples of Story of Now

Examples of Story of Self, Us and Now

When we consider action in the face of uncertainty, we have to ask ourselves three questions: why must we act, how can we act, and what must we learn to do. – Marshall Ganz

Case Studies

Training and Coaching Resources

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Workshop Participant Guides

These are guides developed for workshops by different organizations that are based on Marshall Ganz’s work. Here is a list of different adaptations from around the world.

Resources in different languages

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