6 Minutes: Community Organizing in Amman, Jordan (Case study)

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An in depth case study and video of a community organizing campaign in Jordan to get the community reading.


Here is a written case study and video of the 6 Minutes campaign, a community organizing campaign in Jordan to get the community reading. The case study was written by Senior Case Writer Laura Winig and Teaching Fellow Rawan Zeine for Professor Marshall Ganz, Senior Lecturer, for use at the John F. Kennedy School of Government (HKS), Harvard University. Funds for case development were provided by the Joseph P. Tompkins Jr. Fund for Case Study and Research. HKS cases are developed solely as the basis for class discussion. Cases are not intended to serve as endorsements, sources of primary data, or illustrations of effective or ineffective management. Source: Adapted from Marshall Ganz and Nisreen Haj Ahmad, “Civic Leadership Development: Practice, Reflection, and Learning,” undated memo (Arab Civil Society Memo Final.pdf).

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6 Minutes: Community Organizing in Amman, Jordan

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حملة 6 دقائق
بدأت حملة 6 دقائق بتاريخ 5/11/2010، واحتفلنا بقمة القمم للحملة بتاريخ 9/2/2012
“نحن في حملة 6 دقائق نهدف الى تنظيم 160 منظّم ومنظمة يعملون على تحريك 5000 عضو من أهالي جبل النظيف (أمهات ومعلمين وشباب وأطفال) للقراءة 6 دقائق يومياَ لأنفسهم ولأسرهم ولأطفالهم من أجل المتعة على مدى 12 شهر”

The 6 Minutes campaign started on 5/11/2010, and we celebrated the summit of the campaign on 9/2/2012 “We are in the 6 Minutes campaign, we aim to organize 160 organizers and organizations working to motivate 5,000 members of the people of Jabal Al Natheef (mothers, teachers, youth and children) to read 6 minutes a day for themselves, their families and their children for fun over a period of 12 months.”

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