6 Conditions Podcast: The Science and Art of Great Teams

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Check out the 6 Conditions Podcast where Ruth Wageman and Krister Lowe explore great teams and how they are developed.


Explore the Science and Art of Great Teams through the 6 Conditions podcast with show hosts Dr. Ruth Wageman and Dr. Krister Lowe. The show explores how the 6 Team Conditions framework–a leading, empirically validated and highly predictive framework based on the seminal work of Drs. Richard Hackman, Ruth Wageman and other teams scholars at Harvard University–helps team leaders, team members and team coaches/facilitators foster team effectiveness.

The show unpacks the structural design conditions as well as the emergent process dynamics that drive great teams. Dr. Ruth Wageman is a leading scholar-practitioner in the area of team effectiveness and is the author of “Senior Leadership Teams: What It Takes To Make Them Great” and the Team Diagnostic Survey. Dr. Krister Lowe is a thought leader in the emerging profession of team coaching and is the former host of the Team Coaching Zone Podcast which developed a listenership in more than 137 countries around the world.

Episode #001 | Podcast Launch

Episode #002 | The 6 Conditions Framework: Conditions vs. Causes

Episode #003 | Designing, Launching & Coaching Teams

Episode #004 | The 3 Essential Conditions – Building a Solid Foundation

Episode #005 | The 3 Enabling Conditions

Episode #006 | The 3 Criteria of Team Effectiveness

Episode #007 | The 3 Key Task Processes

Episode #008 | The Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS™)

Episode #009 | Launching & Relaunching Teams

Episode #010 | Ongoing Team Coaching

Episode #011 | Leadership & Authority Structures in Teams

Episode #012 | Dr. David Tate: Applying the 6 Conditions & TDS in Private Equity

Episode #013 | Tijana McKenzie & Sathi Banerjee: How Team Effectiveness Drives Business Outcomes

Episode #014 | Fostering a Team of Teams: An Enterprise Approach

Episode #015 | Organizational Agility and the 6 Conditions

Episode #016 | Team Leadership and Team Effectiveness in a Covid19 Respiration Clinic

Episode #17 | Collective Intelligence in Teams

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