Non violence Civil Resistance and Tactics Databases



A list of databases about civil resistance, tactics and campaigns.

The Global Nonviolent Action Database

The Global Nonviolent Action Database is a project of Swarthmore College, including the Peace and Conflict Studies Program, the Peace Collection, and the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility. The database contains information about hundreds of cases of nonviolent action for learning and for citizen action. Cases are drawn from all continents and most countries.

Digital Library of Nonviolent Resistance

Nonviolence International and the Rutgers University International Institute for Peace have collaborated to create the Digital Library of Nonviolent Resistance, an open access online digital collection of training manuals and related material, such as reports on training workshops, tools, exercises, preparatory material for campaigns, and legal and direct action handouts. This Digital Library includes materials from the 1960s onward, used in a wide variety of struggles, from the Anti-Nuclear, Peace, and US Civil Rights movements to Occupy Wall Street, the Arab Spring, and Black Lives Matter.

Nonviolent Tactics Database

This database is a collection of over 300 nonviolent tactics, or discrete methods deployed to achieve a limited goal, which will continue to be updated to reflect the ever-changing and growing field of nonviolence. Nonviolence International have created this database by adding to Gene Sharp’s original list of 198 nonviolent methods in order to provide an updated guide for modern nonviolent movements. We intend our work to be helpful to nonviolent activists, researchers, and newcomers all the same.

International Center on Nonviolent Conflict ICNC Resource Library

The International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC) focuses on how these movements can build their effectiveness and win rights, freedom, and justice. Our mission is educational. We develop and share knowledge and resources on civil resistance with interested recipients throughout the world. This includes activists, scholars, educators, non-governmental organizations, media professionals, and members of the policy community.

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