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Organizing Twenty-First-Century Activism: From Structure to Strategy in Latin American Social Movements

This article looks at the middle ground between social movements & interest groups by proposing a 3rd structure for social movement organizing, the federative coalition, through a case study of Brazil’s AIDS movement.

The Power of Story in Social Movements – Prepared for the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association, Anaheim, California (Working Paper)

Paper by Marshall Ganz about the power of story in social movements with a case study of the farmworkers movement in the 1960s.

Leading Change: Leadership, Organization, and Social Movements [Book chapter In Handbook of Leadership Theory and Practice: A Harvard Business School Centennial Colloquium]

A book chapter by Marshall Ganz on leadership, organization and social movements.

Leading Change: Leadership, Organization and Social Change (English & Japanese) — 社会変化を導くリーダーシップ、組織、社会運動(和訳)

A comprehensive exploration of leadership in social movements by a leading community organizing thinker. Marshall Ganz outlines Leadership Practices: Relationship, Story, Strategy, Action; Structuring Social Movements; and Leadership Development. This resource is in English, with Japanese translation available. 著名なコミュニティ・オーガナイジングの思想家マーシャル・ガンツ博士による社会運動におけるリーダーシップについての資料(英語)とその和訳です。関係構築・ナラティブ・戦略・アクション・社会運動構造・リーダーシップ開発のリーダーシップ・プラクティスについてまとめた文書となっています。

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