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¡Sí se puede!: Estrategias para organizarse y cambiar el mundo (Spanish book)| Yes we Can, Strategies for organizing and changing the world

Acerca del libro "Sí se puede." Esta expresión, que puede suscitar una sonrisa irónica, suele aparecer cuando una causa perdida (sea un partido de beisbol o una campaña política) remonta todos los obstáculos y parece dirigirse hacia una victoria inesperada.

Organizing Twenty-First-Century Activism: From Structure to Strategy in Latin American Social Movements

This article looks at the middle ground between social movements & interest groups by proposing a 3rd structure for social movement organizing, the federative coalition, through a case study of Brazil’s AIDS movement.

The Power of Story in Social Movements – Prepared for the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association, Anaheim, California (Working Paper)

Paper by Marshall Ganz about the power of story in social movements with a case study of the farmworkers movement in the 1960s.

Leading Change: Leadership, Organization, and Social Movements [Book chapter In Handbook of Leadership Theory and Practice: A Harvard Business School Centennial Colloquium]

A book chapter by Marshall Ganz on leadership, organization and social movements.

Leading Change: Leadership, Organization and Social Change (English & Japanese) — 社会変化を導くリーダーシップ、組織、社会運動(和訳)

A comprehensive exploration of leadership in social movements by a leading community organizing thinker. Marshall Ganz outlines Leadership Practices: Relationship, Story, Strategy, Action; Structuring Social Movements; and Leadership Development. This resource is in English, with Japanese translation available. 著名なコミュニティ・オーガナイジングの思想家マーシャル・ガンツ博士による社会運動におけるリーダーシップについての資料(英語)とその和訳です。関係構築・ナラティブ・戦略・アクション・社会運動構造・リーダーシップ開発のリーダーシップ・プラクティスについてまとめた文書となっています。

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