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Leading Change Network

Organized people power leading change towards a more just,
sustainable, and democratic world.

We develop and support new civic leadership that organizes communities to build power and create change.

We are a global community of organizers, practitioners, educators and researchers catalyzing change through the power of narratives, rooted in the pedagogy and practice of community organizing.

We develop and support new civic leadership that organizes communities to build power and create change. We build the leadership, organizing capacity and resources of change makers across the globe to enable them to win campaigns that strengthen justice and human rights.

LCN members are developing leadership and building power in over 75 countries.

What we do to lead change?

Teaching organizing
Coaching and support
Community of Practice
Advancing Leadership Practices
Seeding global structures

LCN in numbers

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Organizational members
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What they say about us

“LCN created a sense of belonging, gave us courage, challenged us, rooted for us and helped us access all the wisdom and relationships that were crucial for us to become a real and thriving organization.”

Aprajita Pandey, Founder & CEO of Haiyya, one of the first youth-led feminist movement and campaigning organization in India

“I appreciate the professional network that LCN provides: I can discuss my work with people who are working on similar topics as me. But I also learn about the work other members are doing in different contexts, and on different topics, and how they tackle their respective challenges.”

Julia Sujin, Freelancer, Germany

“We incorporated the Public Narrative workshop conducted by LCN into our program for the first time, and it was incredible to watch the fellows grow throughout the five week journey led by our wonderful trainer, Pedja Stojicic.”

Molly FitzGerald, Senior Program Associate, the Commonwealth Fund, USA

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Lessons, explorations, and challenges in structure from the Sunrise Movement


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