Now that 2020 is behind us (psst – check out last year’s community successes and highlights if you missed it!) LCN is back and in high gear to offset the disruptions of last year and take lead in helping the organizing community kick-start January in full swing and set the mode for the remainder of 2021! (Too wordy? it’s because we are super excited about 2021!)

This month, we have several events that we are thrilled to share with you:

Orientation to Organizing / January 13 Wed 9:00 am – 12:00 pm Eastern time

Today (Jan 13), we’re launching our quarterly LCN Orientation to Organizing. It is a gateway to learn about community organizing and public narrative pedagogy developed by Marshall Ganz and his associates. This session is particularly suited for organizers who are not familiar with the LCN framework.

Mais Irqsusi, LCN’s Executive Director will be sharing glimpses of her 10+ years of global organizing experience. The session will also cover an introductory understanding of the six practices of the community organizing framework, and an introduction to the Leading Change Network and its programs. Furthermore, the session will provide an opportunity to practice coaching with other organizers from around the world. While registrations have closed for the January session, the next one is scheduled in April so stay tuned for more details.

LCN Event 2021 – the year of community / January 18 Mon 12:00pm – 1:30pm Eastern time

An event with Marshall Ganz, creator of the Public Narrative model alongside a panel of experienced community builders, will definitely be an apt way to set the tone for the whole year. But wait! Let’s add a cherry on top by launching a new LCN house meeting guide (Marshall has written the foreword and this guide will definitely help us build community in 2021). If you are excited about this mega event as us, join LCN’s event: 2021 – the year of community,” on Monday, January 18th 12:00 – 1:30 pm Eastern Standard Time! (Hurry up, registration closes on January 16)

LCN Members Meet & Connect / January 28 Thurs 10 am – 11 am Eastern Time

People in the LCN community are leading change all over the world, working on diverse issues from health to electoral politics and climate change. Our next Meet & Connect brings together organizers, educators and researchers working for change all over the world! In the session, attendees will have the opportunity to connect with two other members for a 1:1.
Click here to register. (This session is for LCN members)

Next month, South-Asia hub Meet-up in late February

We’re excited to share that LCN is launching a South-Asia hub along with Haiyya and Center for Social Innovation in Developing Countries (CSIDC) this year!
As the first step, we will be organizing a meet-up in February. Don’t fret! We will share more info with you soon.

So far, 2021 looks promising, and we are super excited to be kicking it off with events beneficial to the organizing community and those taking their first steps to learn our pedagogy.

Keep organizing, stay safe, and see you in our events :)

LCN Team.

Happy new year from LCN team
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