Organizing requires identifying, recruiting and developing leadership, building community around that leadership and harnessing the power of the resources from that community, to achieve change it needs.

LCN’s online Organizing for Change course will equip you with the basic organizing skills to organize your communities that build the power needed to achieve change.

Organizing for Change will teach LCN’s pedagogy, developed by professor Marshall Ganz and his associates. Pedagogy is grounded in five key leadership practices:

  • Narrative — Telling an authentic powerful story of Self, Us and Now to engage people and tie your movement together, Relationships — Building deep, values-based relationships that are glue of organizing and perfecting the famous organising 1:1
  • Team structure — Building interdependent leadership teams that unite diverse groups of members with a shared purpose
  • Strategy — Shaping a theory of change, tactics and timeline that builds on the unique resources and capacity of your members and turns it into a power necessary for achieving what you need
  • Action — mobilizing moving people to creative action with a compelling story of now, and deploying resources in a way that builds them further.

This is a unique opportunity to spend 4-8 weeks (TBC) with people from all over the world who are working on diverse issue areas and contexts to learn the skills to lead change.


What does this course offer?

  • Quick and online introduction to organizing LCNs pedagogy developed by professor Marshall Ganz and associates.
  • Realtime personal and interactive learning together with organizers from all around the world
  • Learning with a teaching team that has 10 years of experience in creating online learning spaces and training
  • Free yearly Membership in LCN (worth $100 USD)


When: Several time slots are available, please select the preferred one on the registration link

Where: Online classroom format using Zoom

Cost: $450 for non-members and $300 for members (scholarships available)

If you’re interested in joining the course, click here!

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