Lowlander Project training program for 2022

Written by:
Job van den Assem and Sandra Ball
Lowlander Project Co-Founders

We are so proud to share our 2022 program book with the LCN community!

The Lowlander Project is a training center for everyone who wants to learn about the art of movement building, organizing and mobilizing ‘People Power’ in the Netherlands.

In September 2021 we celebrated our first year, in which we trained leaders of social organizations such as Greenpeace, IVN Nature Education, the Donut Coalition Amsterdam, Amnesty International and Bits of Freedom.

This year, we will continue to build the organization and expand our training offer. In addition to our 4-month organizing training, we will be offering shorter trainings, webinars and courses in a wide variety of organizing-related issues.

We’re excited about the program and wanted to share it with you all!

Click here to see our training program for 2022

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