After more than two years of introducing the organizing practice to hundreds of health justice leaders from across the globe and building a robust second tier of leadership, the LCN Heath Justice Community organized a public kickoff event – a Health Justice Campaigns Showcase – on 19th May 2023, which highlighted the lessons and challenges of three real campaigns run by Right to Health (R2H) Action, Radical Moms Union, and Partners in Health (PIH) Engage

The kickoff event sought to launch a constituency and growing movement of skillful and dedicated health justice community organizers around the world. The team built commitment amongst more than 100 organizers participating from 4 continents and 6 countries, to join the LCN Health Justice Hub Coaching Clinics. Coaching is a core leadership practice, and the Coaching Clinics will be bi-monthly gatherings of health justice campaign leaders to gather and coach one another, through structured engagement, on particular and shared challenges they are facing.

The showcased campaigns helped to highlight the challenges that campaigns face – especially on strategy and structure – and served as an opportunity for the leadership team to demonstrate the power of relational coaching. Each campaign shared its work and challenges and was coached in real-time by a member of the LCN Health Justice Team, followed by small group breakout room discussions that dove deeper into understanding the specific challenges. 

  • Right to Health Action presented how they engaged their people through building shared stories and narratives as a leadership development strategy in the face of struggle, loss, and sadness during and after the Covid pandemic
  • The Radical Moms Union shared their work to strategically establish a new constituency amidst the polarized climate of breastfeeding activism. 
  • Partners In Health Engage shared their work to develop an enormously scaled and structured snowflake chapter model of organizing and posed the question of how to remain nimble and strategic amidst a stable and highly structured organization at scale. 

We are looking forward to continuing the learning in the Coaching Clinics, which will be launching on 14th June 2023.

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