Written by Mais Irqsusi, from LCN Europe.

On Thursday 4 June at 8:00pm we concluded the launch of our first online house meeting as Leading Change Network LCN Europe team. I was the organizer and the fantastic Host Marina Pavlic managed to recruit 16 activists and organizers. We were representing 15 countries on the call, most organizers were from east Europe.

I feel grateful for the opportunity of listening to all the courageous activists and their determination. The fantastic ideas that they suggested which will direct our strategic thinking for the region.

Having a very high adrenaline rise from realizing again and again how scary and beautiful it is to ask others to commit, by that putting your feet deeper into your own commitment.
Grateful for a dream team, Maša Burina on top of every documentation and always raising the hand to support, and adding her fabulous touch to enhance quality. Benedict Hugosson, guiding us with rigid structure that can help others follow our path later. Jens Kristian Rasmussen showing up to our dry run and helping in our thinking process. Marina for making us all dive into the REAL WORK.

It is my very first ONLINE house meeting though I have done several offline. I can’t help not re-appreciate that fantastic tool of relationship building. House meetings ????????are like the art of narratives❤️ dancing with our brain???? to get us into action????.

We succeeded in getting 4 commitments for house meetings that will take place the coming month. ????

We fell gracefully, made mistakes , laughed about it and learned from it openly with our guests as part of modeling the culture of biking????‍♀️????‍♀️. Marshall Ganz we love you. European folks who organize to create change, reach out to any one of us if you like to join our rewarding journey. We are looking for the best leaders.

If you want to get involved in LCN Europe, send us an email at europe@leadingchangenetwork.org

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