This month Marshall meets Mariali Cárdenas, co-Founder of Vía Educación, the trailblazing civil society and education organization that is combining community organizing and innovative education approaches to build the citizenship skills of children and young people.

Mariali and Vía Educación’s work on citizenship education is being implemented as part of Mexico’s national curriculum.

Mariali shares with Marshall why children give her hope for building the democracy project, how they’re doing it on the ground in Mexico and what called her to leadership.
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Embedding this into the curriculum was just the foundation, requiring the organizing of teachers and communities to embed the framework and tools across the country.

Their work on the ground is focused on both upskilling children and young people with citizenship skills and creating spaces to exercise their agency on the issues they care about — including the environment and development.

Mariali also joined us for a live event with the LCN Community about Via’s work in January — this will also be available soon.

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