Ahel is very excited to announce the launch of its 5th “ Leadership and Organizing collective action for change” online course in Arabic. For over ten years, Ahel has adapted and disseminated the principles and practice of Harvard’s leadership course across the Arab world to help build the agency of Arab communities. And now, thanks to their experience and the continuous support of Prof. Marshall Ganz at Harvard, Ahel was able to provide this course online to reach communities that hitherto did not have access to it.

“Through our journey we’ve trained women’s groups, refugees, and communities with special needs to garner their community’s own sources of power to affect change. Yet, as you well know, the challenges in the Arab world are wide and deep, and for us to have a fighting chance at addressing those challenges, we will need to scale our trainings. Despite this, During the 4 years of the course 293 leaders graduated and together organized  more than 600 tactics that mobilized over 30k people. These leaders also expanded their work through teams of more than 3500 other leaders.”

— Rahaf Abu Doha, Courses Director at Ahel

The online course spans over 20 weeks from 8th February to 24th June, 2023. The course requires a minimum of 7 hours of instruction per week, of which two hours are a required live online lecture on Saturdays. The course pedagogy relies on applying the learning to actual running campaigns and reporting back to get feedback and support. It is therefore very important for applicants to consider both, whether they have an actual campaign they will be working on during the training and whether they are willing to commit to putting in the necessary hours to succeed in the course.

You can learn more about the course and apply HERE.

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