At the end of November, a team of Leading Change Network (LCN) coaches from Europe and the US arrived to Yerevan, Armenia at the invitation of the Open Society Foundation.

The Open Society Foundation’s goal in Eurasia is to support human rights activists by developing leadership and individual and organizational capacity for achieving the values of equality, dignity, and solidarity.

The LCN team led a 3 day training to introduce LCN’s pedagogy to participants from 6 different human rights organizations in Armenia. The training focused on five leadership practices of organizing: how to engage and develop yourselves and others around stories that inform your core values and interests for change, structure effective leadership teams to bring the shared purpose to scale, and make intentional strategic choices that can lead to measurable, motivational and effective action.

Participants in the training were amazed with how much they learned in those 3 days. They were particularly interested in how public narrative can be used to inspire action of others. Those also took note of how important it is to create campaigns that can scale and be very focused on achieving a specific goal.

The LCN team also developed new coaching capacity at the training. They worked with four leaders from Eurasia, training them to become coaches and share their learning.

This is the work of changing the world… but it all begins with one person and developing the skills they need to build structure and capacity to do so.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of people and we are happy to welcome them to the Leading Change Network.