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Information for coaches: LCN Europe’s Public Narrative training, 13-14 February 2021


We are currently accepting applications for coaches for LCN Europe’s Public Narrative training on the 13-14 February 2021. Below, you will find information regarding:

  • Applying to be a coach
  • Coaches’ preparation

Apply to become a coach

Criteria for coaches

Coaches will be selected based on the following criteria:


  • Public Narrative. All coaches should have knowledge of the Public Narrative framework.
  • Actively organising. All coaches should be actively organising in their constituencies.


  • Geography. We strive for equal representation from all regions in Europe.
  • LCN Europe / LCN International. We will be accepting applications for coaches both inside and outside of Europe. Focus will be on European coaches.
  • Volunteers/professionals. We will be accepting applications from both volunteer and professional organisers, activists & leaders.
  • Issue diversity. We’re looking for coaches who are organising constituencies in a variety of issues and campaigns.
  • Members/non-members. We will accept applications from both members and non-members. Focus will be on members.

If you do not have experience coaching others in Public Narrative, please still apply. When submitting your application, please indicate that you do not have experience under the section Your coaching experience. At this training, we will pair you together with a more experienced coach so that you can learn the craft and “get on the bike” together with us.


Coaches can apply to be a part of this training by filling in the following application form. As we are accepting coaching in an on-going process, please do this as soon as possible.

Recruiting own participants

Coaches are encouraged to recruit their own participants for this training. When doing so, please ask all participants to fill out this application form (each person should fill it out). When doing so, participants should:

  • Indicate that they are applying as a team under the section Your people.
  • Write the name of their coach in the field where it says: Do you know of anyone else who might be interested in this training. Please write the names of these people, your relationship to them and email address under the section Your people.

Coaches prep

Coaches preparation will consist of three sessions, each designed to get you ready for our training on the 13-14 of February 2021. These include:

  • Team kick-off (2 hr)
  • Preparation day (7 hr)
  • Peer coaching (1-2 hr)

Team kick-off

The team kick-off will be a two hour session. At this session, you and four other coaches will build a team and align yourselves around purpose, norms and roles, and start the process of practicing coaching. Each team will have direct contact with one of our lead trainers. These teams help us coordinate the training between trainers, coaches and participants.

The time and date of this session will be agreed upon by your team, in coordination with your lead trainer. The lead trainer assigned to your team will both inform you of your team and coordinate this session.

Once you are accepted as a coach, please be on the lookout for an email from your lead trainer for your team kick-off.

Preparation day

The preparation day will take place according to the following:

  • Date: 7 February 2021
  • Time: 09:00 – 16:00
  • Place: Online via Zoom

This session will combine both theoretical and practical elements. Focus will be on coaching Public Narrative. The day will cover:

  • setting up small groups
  • coaching stories of self, us and now
  • coaching content
  • coaching craft
  • coaching structure

Assumed knowledge for this training will be:

  • Public Narrative
  • your own story of self

Once you are accepted as a coach, please be on the lookout for an email from your lead trainer regarding our preparation day, including a link to our session, agenda and coaching materials.

Peer coaching

Peer coaching will be used to give coaches with less experience, an extra lift before the training on the 13-14 February 2021. It is non-compulsory, however, we recommend everyone participate, so as to share knowledge and lift each other.

Peer coaching sessions will consist of smaller online sessions where 2-3 coaches will meet, coach and provide feedback on each other’s coaching. These sessions will be coordinated by the coaches themselves. Please communicate with your lead trainer regarding these sessions.

Extra materials

Below are a number of extra materials for coaches to prepare themselves at their own pace before the training.

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