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Organizing Obama: Campaign, Organizing, Movement – Prepared for American Sociological Association Annual Meeting San Francisco, August 2009 (Working Paper)

An analysis of Obama's campaign and organizing by Harvard Professor, Marshall Ganz.

The Power of Story in Social Movements – Prepared for the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association, Anaheim, California (Working Paper)

Paper by Marshall Ganz about the power of story in social movements with a case study of the farmworkers movement in the 1960s.

Robert Kennedy speech at Indianapolis, Indiana, April 4, 1968 [announces the assassination of Martin Luther King – Example of Story of Us] (Video)

The video of Senator Robert Kennedy delivering the news of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination to an African-American rally in 1968 offers a look at how the story of self, us, and now can interact to strengthen agency at a very challenging moment.

Aprender Como Organizar, Estrategia II Tácticas y Línea de Tiempo de la Campaña, Liderazgo, Organizar e Acción, Managua, Nicaragua, Diciembre 14-16 2018 – Learn How To Organize – Strategy II Tactics and Campaign Timeline, Leadership, Organize, and Action Leading Change Workshop, Managua, Nicaragua, December 14th-16th 2018 (Spanish) (Presentation slides)

Diapositivas de presentación de un taller de capacitación en organización y estrategia realizado en Managua, Nicaragua en 2018 - Presentation slides from an organizing and strategy workshop training held in Managua, Nicaragua in 2018.

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