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From September 2021 to 2022, Haiyya, our member organization in India, ran a one-year program aimed at building capacity for change among the youth in Indigenous tribal communities in the Nilgiris Biosphere region in South India. What emerged was a powerful story of how organizing can transform people and communities – as the Indigenous youths began taking matters into their own hands and building power collectively to solve problems in their local communities, from access to clean water to education, women empowerment and forest governance!

For the teaching team, it was an intense journey of exploration, learning and adaptation, including making the pedagogy relevant and accessible for the youths, building a snowflake of local coaches, supporting youths on their campaigns, etc.

Join us on February 23rd, 8am ET/6:30pm IST to learn about Haiyya’s work in building power with Indigenous youths! 

We will be joined by Neha Saigal from Asar and Madhura Dasgupta from Haiyya, who will share their challenges, successes, and lessons around building this program and working with Indigenous communities.

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