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From resistance to adopting new approaches to traditional organizational culture and structures, many organizers come up against challenges once they’re back in their own workplaces, especially in large non-governmental organizations.

So how can organizers navigate this to create change effectively?
And how can trainers and coaches equip and support organizers?

Sign up for our sessions on November 10th 11am – 12:30pm Eastern Time / 5-6:30pm Central European Time to explore how we can equip organizers to bring back organizing into their organizations and create effective change!

We will be joined by Sandra Ball and Job van den Assem from the Lowlander Project in Netherlands, the first organizing school in the Netherlands, along with Eva Romviel from Amnesty International Netherlands and Jelle Zijlstra from Greenpeace Netherlands, alumni of the Lowlander Institute trainings who are working in their to adopt the organizing approach in their own organizations. They will share their challenges, successes, and lessons of their experience in bringing organizing into spaces of advocacy and mobilizing, from both the perspective of the organizers themselves and trainers supporting them.

About the speakers

  • Job van den Assem, Director of Lowlander Project
  • Sandra Ball, Head of Education and Training of Lowlander Project
  • Eva Romviel, Organizer at Amnesty International The Netherlands
  • Jelle Zijlstra, Community Mobiliser at Greenpeace Netherlands

We know that many people in our community are working to adopt and spread organizing in their own communities and organizations, including spaces that have traditionally focused on advocacy and mobilizing. We may not have the answers on what’s the best way to equip organizers to take on the challenges that come with it, but by exploring lessons and questions together in this session, we can find ways to move forward!

  • What: Organizations Learn: seeding organizing in NGOs in the Netherlands with Lowlander Project, Amnesty International, and Greenpeace
  • When: November 10th @ 11am – 12:30pm Eastern Time / 5-6:30pm Central European Time
  • How: Register below (Registration deadline is October 11th, 11:59pm ET)

For LCN members, and guests of speakers, this session is free. If you are not a LCN member, the fee to attend the session is 10USD per individual. Scholarships are available upon request (click here to contact us).

We look forward to learning with you on November 10th!

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