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Artwork by Rosi Greenberg

So you took a Public Narrative workshop and found something powerful in the framework, but what next? How to carry forward this craft in your life and bring it to your organization or community for even bigger impact? Become a coach with us!

This summer, LCN will be offering a first-of-its-kind training program for Public Narrative participants to become Public Narrative coaches. Over the course of 8 weeks, a cohort of 25 new coaches will train in the craft, content, and process of Public Narrative coaching. We will take a deep dive into the stories of Self, Us, and Now, and the specific strategies and skills associated with coaching each. Participants will get hours of practice, in both large and small groups, to try on these skills and hone their craft. This will also of course be a powerful opportunity to develop one’s own stories and storytelling skills in addition to coaching.

Our goal is to cascade Public Narrative throughout values-based organizations to superpower their change-making. We are aiming for a diverse global cohort who will use this craft to create impact in their organizations and communities.

Will you join us? And/or do you know someone who would benefit from this?

Training: August 2 – September 14 |  Wednesdays, 10am – 12pm ET
Weekend Workshop Coaching: September 9-10 | 8am – 5pm both days (you will actually get to coach a full Public Narrative workshop at Harvard!)
Plus one hour per week of small group work, scheduled at your convenience.
So you need to be able to put in roughly 3-4 hours weekly between August 2- September 14th plus the weekend of 9-10 to join this learning journey of becoming PN coach.

Click Here to Apply Now!

Course objectives:

  • Re-engage the craft of Public Narrative and be able to tell an even more powerful story of Self, Us, and Now
  • Demonstrate the craft of coaching Public Narrative with emotional presence, strategy, clear language, and authority
  • Connect with a cohort of peers across the world for support in storytelling and coaching
  • Level up confidence, leadership, and facilitation capabilities
  • Finish prepared to coach Public Narrative within your organization

Eligibility: Anyone who has taken a Public Narrative workshop or course is eligible for this program. Even if you’ve coached a few workshops or been a teaching fellow for the class, this is a great opportunity to further develop your coaching skills through new practices created for this program. Priority will be given to people that want to use Public Narrative with their communities and/or who plan to engage their new coaching skills through their work. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Cost: Sliding scale, details in application form. Scholarships available for LCN members only.

Click Here to Apply Now! (Application Deadline is June 20th, 2022)

About the trainer:

Rosi Greenberg is a leadership development trainer and coach. Rosi supports leaders at all levels to move forward with clarity, confidence, and creativity in a changing world. Rosi specializes in helping teams forge the connective tissue that sparks energy and joy in collective action. ​Rosi draws on Adaptive Leadership, Internal Family Systems, and Narrative Storytelling to create a bespoke experience that sparks both individual and system-wide change within organizations. Using art and design skills, Rosi visually represents the facilitation process, helping people see in deeper ways and engage their innate creativity. Rosi has worked with a wide range of clients across the US and the world, including C-suite executives, nonprofits, philanthropies, youth groups, political campaigns, community organizers, and more.

Rosi holds a Master’s in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School, with a Certificate in Management, Leadership, and Decision Sciences. Prior to Harvard, Rosi lived in Amman, Jordan and worked as the Monitoring and Evaluations Officer at Questscope, an NGO focusing on education and social development. There she helped the team address challenges, communicate more effectively, and use data to drive decision-making in their nation-wide programming. Rosi also draws on several years of teaching in the Baltimore Public Schools, where she honed her skills in pedagogy for capacity development with dynamic groups. The eldest of five children of a single mother Rabbi, Rosi spent her college years learning Arabic and engaging in dialogue with her Jewish community about issues in Israel/Palestine. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Rosi now lives in Cambridge, MA and spends her days on Zoom.