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Are you looking for effective ways to build power and create change in your communities?

Then sign up to our Orientation to Organizing on April 27th 10am-1pm ET! It’s a 3-hour introductory session on the organizing and public narrative practice developed by Marshall Ganz at the Harvard Kennedy School and his associates, and one of our most popular sessions at LCN.

For this session, we are partnering up with People Power Health and the LCN Health Justice Community, to learn about organizing with a special focus on building power within communities to achieve health justice and equity.

We will feature a brand new case study – campaign by Vot-ER to organize healthcare professionals to register people to vote in 2020 in the state of Pennsylvania, United States – to illustrate how organizing practices are used in action.

Who is this session for?

This session is perfect for people who are looking for effective ways to create change in their community, and want to gain a basic understanding of what organizing is and how it looks in practice.

We also encourage you to invite other members on your team, organization, and community to join you in learning together – having a shared language of organizing and leadership is powerful when you are working together!

People who are familiar with organizing and narrative pedagogy, but are looking for a refresher on the basics of the framework, will also find this useful.

What will I gain in the session?

Our approach to change is an adaptive community organizing and public narrative practice that equips people with the leadership skills and capacity to respond with the agency to the challenges of today. It is born out of decades of organizing experience, complemented by insights of social science, and tested through training campaigns on the ground.

In this session you will gain:

  • An introductory overview and basic understanding of the six practices of community organizing using a real example of a health justice campaign by Vot-ER
  • The opportunity to learn and connect with other organizers and leaders from around the world;
  • An introduction to the Leading Change Network and our programs

We will take you through the six leadership practices of our community organizing framework – public narrative, relationship building, structuring a team, strategizing, moving people to action, and coaching – that are core to turning the resources of our communities into the power they need to achieve the change they want.

What: Orientation to Organizing for Health Justice

When: April 27th, 2022 10am – 1pm Eastern Time

(Registration deadline is April 24, Sunday, 12pm ET)

Trainers & Facilitators: Pedja Stojicic, Jon Shaffer, Stephanie Aines, Sreejani Malakar, Brian Archie, Sachiko Osawa

For LCN members, both individual and organizational, this session is free.

If you are not a LCN member, the fee to attend the session is 10USD per individual. If you decide to join LCN as a member afterwards, the amount paid for the orientation session will be discounted from your first-year annual membership fee. Scholarships are available upon request.

Join us on April 27th to learn how our communities can lead change through building people power!

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