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LCN Europe is proud to announce that it will be running a complete Public Narrative training on the 13-14 of February 2021. The training will be held over two days and will be online. Applications are open to organisations and individual activists alike. Applicants can apply individually or as a team of 5 participants.

After the training, participants will be able to apply the Public Narrative framework, including the story of self, us and now, plus how to combine all elements of story, to their own organising work. The training will focus on getting the participants ‘on the bike’ and practicing storytelling, as well as giving them a grounding in the conceptual framework of Public Narrative.

Outside the two-day training, we will be offering participants optional sessions, with special guests and coaching opportunities, to enrich the participants’ knowledge of Public Narrative from a variety of perspectives.


What you will learn

The training will give you a grounding in:

  • how to craft your public narrative starting with your “story of self”;
  • connecting your story to that of your community (story of us) to motivate commitment to a shared purpose and engage others in a call to action (story of now);
  • how to increase your capacity to lead others using the public narrative framework, communicating stories that inspire mindful action.



To apply, participants should complete this form. Participants will be able to enroll as:

  • individuals
  • teams of 5 people

This training will be available to both individuals and organisations. It is recommended that organisations enroll as teams of 5 people.


Criteria for selection

Our criteria for selecting participants are as follows:

  • Geography. We strive for equal representation from all regions in Europe.
  • LCN Europe / LCN International. We will be accepting applications for teams both inside and outside of Europe. Focus will be on European teams.
  • Teams/Individuals. We will be accepting applications from both teams and individuals. Focus will be on teams.
  • Volunteers/professionals. We will be accepting applications from both volunteer and professional organisers, activists & leaders.
  • Issue diversity. We’re looking for participants who are organising constituencies in a variety of issues and campaigns.
  • Members/non-members. We will accept applications from both members and non-members. Focus will be on members.

You can sign-up for an LCN membership here.



Coaching will play a central role. Each team will have a coach whose role will be to assist participants in understanding and practicing central concepts of the framework. We are also opening up applications to potential coaches.

If you are interested in participating in the training as a coach, rather than a participant, please see here or fill out the application form here.


Training fees

The fees for the training will be as follows:

  • individuals – 450 USD
  • teams – 2000 USD (5 participants)

Applicants can also apply for a sponsorship to attend the training, at either a reduced fee or full sponsorship, when submitting their application.


Sponsor a team

It’s possible to lift over 100 emerging civic leaders together. At this training, we will be offering the opportunity to sponsor teams. Starting at 2000 USD to sponsor a team, this is how you can support our leaders:

  1. No team, plus one. Sponsor one team to attend the training, without sending a team yourself. 2000 USD.
  2. Your team, plus one. Support your team, and sponsor one additional team to attend the training. 4000 USD.

When sponsoring a team, you have the opportunity to support a team of your choice eg. issue, country or constituency.

If you would like more information or would like to confirm your sponsorship, please contact us.


Training team

The training will be led by five experienced trainers who lead this project and the upfront teaching. Our trainers are:

Click on the trainers name to see more information about that trainer.

We look forward to receiving your application!

The LCN Europe Team