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We’re excited to share that on February 9th 2022, we will be joined by Ruth Wageman, one of the foremost scholars studying and working with leadership teams!

Do you know how you can reliably have a great team, one that accomplishes great things, gets better and better over time, and is a place where you feel energized and great about what you’re doing?

Ruth Wageman will talk about the 6 Conditions (features of your team that you can design and intentionally put in place) that reliably result in great teams. You’ll have the chance to assess your own team on the 6 Conditions and talk with her and with each other about strategies for shaping your team into a great one.

Whether you are looking to re-launch your current team, or build a new leadership team, the session will be a perfect way to kick off 2022. This will be an interactive session and we want you to make the most out of it, so we encourage you to bring along your team members!

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What: Building Great Leadership Teams with Ruth Wageman

When: February 9th Wednesday, 11:00am-12:30pm Eastern Time

How: Click here to register (Registration deadline: February 8th 11:59pm ET)

About the speaker

Ruth Wageman is one of the foremost scholars studying and working with teams, especially leadership teams. Ruth’s research, teaching, and practice are focused on the conditions that influence superb team performance. Ruth especially focuses on teams whose purpose is to solve complex problems and lead system transformation. She builds collaborative leadership capacity within and across organizations, especially with multi-sector leadership teams working to transform health and society.

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We look forward to learning together with you on February 9th!

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