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There’s now over 50 Australian organisers who took the Harvard Leadership Organizing and Action online course with Marshall Ganz and LCN, including many senior organisers and campaign directors from union, environment, political and human rights groups.

Now more than ever we need great organising. Many in Australia have been talking 1:1 about how LCN could support that, with campaign case studies, peer coaching, and/or an in-person workshop and/or train-the-trainer with Marshall Ganz in Australia.

To start with, we you to save the date for our Australia online meetup on Saturday 10 August 3.30-5:00pm AEST to meet some other awesome organisers, and make a collective decision on how we can learn together and support one another. Stay posted as we may coordinate local gatherings in Melbourne and Sydney immediately after the event.

You can register here.

In unity,

Eleisha Mullane, Mick Power, Anita Tang, Nadia Montague and the LCN Team