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Adjunct Faculty range between 70 and 80% of the teaching higher- faculty. The states through USA have consistently been consistent in reducing the funds going into higher education. Colleges rely more and more into the use of adjunct professors. Adjunct professors’ mean salary in the state of Florida is 18k per year. Situating them just above the poverty line while having no access to benefits and no presumption of employment continuity. The Adjunct Union of Broward College has been bargaining for the past 17 months. The main reasons we unionized are: continued employment, increasing the wages, access to retirement funds (social security) and, to health and other benefits.

We are 1100+ adjuncts strong.

At our last bargaining sessions, not only were told that things would not change, but that we would waste our time if we continued our negotiations around these issues.

To make matters worse, we are no longer allowed to talk at the Board of trustees, who ultimately make all decisions regarding the college.

Broward College is an institution that directly touches every aspect of life in our county.

We are calling all of our friends, students, supporters, and all the community to join us in action and highlight the unfair labor practices that are affecting the quality of education imparted to our beloved community at this institution as well as the quality of life of college educators.

We need your support!