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Faces of Change

Behind every leader is a story about their journey to leadership. The challenges they faced, the hope that inspired them, the people that enabled them and those they enabled along the way. A story about their community, their cause and their collective experience of building power for change. 

Faces of Change exists to tell these stories and inspire a more leaderful response to the challenges facing our societies.  

In our monthly two-part series, Faces of Change celebrates a new leader or team of leaders from around the world that are successfully building power for change.

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Part one: In conversation with Marshall Ganz Podcast 

In a monthly podcast conversation with our founder Marshall Ganz, we explore the personal journey to leadership of a leader or team of leaders from around the world.

  • What brought them to leadership and how do they develop their practice?
  • What challenges have they faced?
  • What lessons have they learned along the way?

Part two: Faces of Change Live Event 

After each podcast the leaders join us for a live and free online event with the LCN community where we turn the spotlight on the impact that their work has created, and the change they have achieved with their power building campaigns. 

This event provides the space to talk, ask questions and learn together from their experience on the ground.

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