LCN Newsletter: September, 2022

Nonstop wars, terrifying floods, worsening climate effects, and a global economic crisis—this summer indeed had an eventful course that the world will take a long time to heal from. But, as organizers, the connections we harbor and nurture amidst us are the major source of light and hope we draw on to face the darkest

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LCN team’s first in-person retreat in Tunisia

The LCN team fell in love with Tunisia as, for the entire last week, it embraced our annual team retreat! The experience was magical—the first in-person gathering after 2 years of working together, with tons of learning, reflecting and dreaming under the welcoming Tunisian sky. ✨ As a global team from 6 different countries,

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LCN Europe at the Citizens Participatory University (CPU)

The LCN Europe team had an amazing time at the Citizens Participatory University (CPU) organized by ECON in Kunbábony, Hungary. In its 13th year, the 2022 edition of CPU brought together participants from 13 countries across Europe and focused on three learning tracks: 1) Organizing for Climate Justice, 2) Organizing in Times of Crisis, and

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LCN Newsletter: June, 2022

Ten years ago, I was a community organizer with an ambitious vision for a brighter future. Filled with the desire to learn and the familiar blend of nervousness and thrill that comes with venturing into new horizons, I enrolled in the Leadership, Organizing and Action program with Marshall Ganz. The program transformed my perspective as

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The International Seminar Narratives4Change: Stories that matter: Roma women leading the change

This International Seminar will close the project Narratives4change. Capitalising Public Narratives in the organising of Grassroots Roma Women (Marie S-Curie Action, H2020, Project Nr. 841335) run between 2019 and 2022 and led by Dr. Emilia Aiello at the Harvard Kennedy School (host institution, with Prof. Marshall Ganz), and at the Department of Sociology of the

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Organizing Workshop – Milwaukee, WI by WiLD Project

Leadership is about accepting responsibility for enabling others to achieve shared purpose in the face of uncertainty. During these 3.5 days, participants will have the opportunity to work with peers and leaders from across the country to develop capacity for effective community leadership. Participants will learn five core leadership practices: How to articulate a story

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Building Skills for Change with ICL and Hollyhock

Building Skills for Change in Cortes Island, BC is a groundbreaking new training session which helps people build a strong foundation in the fundamentals of community organizing and learn how to build power and win change. It is taught by Olivia Chow. You will learn:  How to articulate a story of why we are called

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Trainings and Resources by Social Movement Technologies

Campaigners and activists recognize they must use digital tools and tactics like never before—alongside direct action—to build people power and pressure targets to take action.  Social Movement Technologies (SMT) offers brilliant opportunities in the form of trainings and resources designed to meet this need—some of the opportunities offered are free of charge. You can check

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Public Narrative Coach Program Summer 2022

Artwork by Rosi Greenberg   So you took a Public Narrative workshop and found something powerful in the framework, but what next? How to carry forward this craft in your life and bring it to your organization or community for even bigger impact? Become a coach with us! This summer, LCN will be offering a

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#OpenSource conversation with Marshall Ganz by Le Next Level

Post contribution by LCN Member: Tara Dickman, Le Next Level In Le Next Levels's #OpenSource sessions, organizers and movement leaders share their experience, expertise and lessons learned with other organizers and movement leaders in order to help them tackle the issues they may be facing. These sessions are open to members of organizations who are

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