Job opening: Grapevine – Team Leader

Grapevine in Coventry England is a multi-award winning organisation that’s best at reinventing itself in response to people’s needs. We help people, communities and systems find new ways to create deep social change. We’re willing to be bold, remove the box and bring edge-based solutions into the middle. Stephanie Wong, leader of the Act Build

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Lowlander Project training program for 2022

Lowlander Project training program for 2022 Written by: Job van den Assem and Sandra Ball Lowlander Project Co-Founders We are so proud to share our 2022 program book with the LCN community! The Lowlander Project is a training center for everyone who wants to learn about the art of movement building, organizing and mobilizing 'People

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Developing climate justice leadership in the US

All over the world LCN’s network of trainers are working with organizations to support them to develop leadership that organizes communities and builds power for change. One of those is Mothers Out Front in the United States. They’re on a mission to build a diverse grassroots movement of mothers, grandmothers and other caregivers to make

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Let’s reimagine social change as young India!

Haiyaa is on a mission to bring social change by cultivating new leadership and building powerful community organisations in India   By Aprajita Pandey Aprajita (pictured) is the founder & CEO of Haiyya. Haiyya was founded in 2015, with a vision to rebuild and transform the social fabric of India, where young leaders and their

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Movement leaders gather to develop their skills and strategize for societal change

All over the world LCN members and trainers are enabling people to lead change in their communities. Four trainings in China and the United States gathered over 427 people who are on the ground organizing in their communities for issue and system change. Here are the inspiring groups building the leadership snowflake in the last

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Professor Marshall Ganz launches an online Public Narrative Course at Harvard

We are excited to announce great news! Marshall Ganz is launching a new online course: "Public Narrative: Leadership, Storytelling and Action", offered through Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education. We are so happy to see that all the impactful work that professor Ganz and his associates have done in the field of the Public Narrative through

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Ahel Launches a Community Organizing Online Course in Arabic

On March 2nd, 2019, LCN affiliated organization, Ahel, launched a 14 week Arabic online course on community organizing and leadership. The course pedagogy and design was based on Professor Marshall Ganz’s online course with the Harvard Executive Education program. The course has gotten amazing attention and was highly competitive. Ahel received 440 applications from 20

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Harnessing the power of Narrative in City Leadership

In 2017 learning Public Narrative with Professor Ganz and his team became a part of the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative. Many of participants are using public narrative in their everyday work now realizing its real power. Read more.

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