First, Recruit.

In order to realize our parish goal in response to Bishop Olmsted’s call to evangelization through the campaign, we develop the structure that encourages all of us, parishioners of Christ the King, to participate. We organized a Grateful Discipleship Leadership Team with Mr. Peter Lesar as the Team Leader and Mr. Luis Vicente as his assistant. The Grateful Discipleship team members will build relationship with the individual members in the parish and with the different ministry members they recruited through one on one conversation and house meetings.

Second, Engage.

We will sustain our campaign by engaging every member through team meetings, training in organizing practices, testimonies or stories during masses or in our Bulletin or social media like flocknote and facebook.

Third, Keep Engaging.

Since this is a 5-year campaign, we will institutionalize our practices in order to keep the volunteers engaged and to ensure the continuity of the campaign. We will do this by recognizing your recognitions through our thank you note in the same way Bp. Olmsted does. We will follow up with you with regards your participation. Moreover, we will continue recruiting and training new leaders. In this way, with God’s grace, we will be able to get the participation of everyone, if not all, in the parish. In turn, we will be rewarded for doing God’s work.

Our Goal. As of January 10, 2019, for example, we have 29 families who committed with a total of $300,450.00. Assuming that this contribution be maintained, (we know it may increase or diminish) we only need 156 more families to meet the $1,917,614.00. However, we have more than 1,500 registered families whom we will humbly ask to share whatever blessings that they can best share. Over our goal, all contributions will go to our parish programs 100%. It’s doable!

I would like to end with a hopeful note from a Jewish philosopher and theologian, Maimonides, who said: “Hope is the belief in the probability of the possible rather than the necessity of the probable.”