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We’re a member-driven network

LCN is vibrant community of organizers, educators, and researchers from all around the world committed to improving people’s lives through leadership development for social change.

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LCN Membership Requirements

Because our work is rooted in the organizing pedagogy developed by Marshall Ganz and colleagues, we want to ensure our members have a good understanding of the pedagogy, and share the same language. That’s why we ask you to first participate in a public narrative or organizing course or workshop based in this framework before applying to become a member.

If you’ve already participated in a course or workshop based in Marshall Ganz’s organizing pedagogy, sign up now to become a member using the form on this page.

If you are unfamiliar with the pedagogy but are still keen to get involved we encourage you to sign up for an upcoming training or course here.

Types of membership 

Individual Membership is for those individuals who are familiar with our organizing pedagogy, are practicing it on the ground in some way, and want to continue deepening their knowledge and improving their practice.

Group Membership is for organizations who are familiar with our pedagogy, want to learn and practice it more, and want to support their members’ learning by providing them the opportunity to access to the network and its resources.

Affiliates are organizations which have adopted LCN’s organizing pedagogy as their main theory of change and are implementing it in all or some aspects of their work. Affiliates might use the pedagogy for making the change on the ground, for supporting other organizations and individuals, or by installing organizing principles in larger organizations (system transformation efforts).

Membership Fees

  • Individual Membership: $100 USD per year
  • Group Membership/Affiliates:
    • $500 USD per year covers the cost of annual membership for up to 10 members
    • $300 USD per year covers the cost of annual membership for up to 5 members

Download a PDF version of our membership overview here.

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