Training as an Organizing Tactic

Three weeks ago, we sent out an email to our database looking to identify those members that deliver community organizing and public narrative training. We asked them to fill out a form with their details. In less than three weeks, 205 trainers and coaches filled the form, from 36 countries, training in 33 languages including sign language. 24% of them delivered more than 50 trainings. Imagine the number of activists, community leaders, and change agents reached by this powerful group alone. What Power! We need to pool our knowledge, compare experiences; match need, learn what works in building movements, and capture innovation. As organizers often do, we started reaching out for one-on-one meetings. We found out that some deliver a 1-day Public Narrative training of story of self, us and now. Others deliver 2.5-day trainings on the five practices to organizing: narrative, relations, strategy, structure, and action. We also found out that the organizing manual has been translated to Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Serbian, and Spanish. Also, some of the trainers combined our methodology with Heifetz’ adaptive leadership infused teachers training programs with organizing practices or municipal governance programs with public narrative. Can’t wait to launch a learning program for these trainers and coaches to come meet each other, learn from one another, and decide how to expand their reach and enhance their leadership building together. To come when we officially launch in 2018.


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