New tools available – Learning Public Narrative online

“Stories not only teach us how to act – they inspire us to act. Stories communicate our values through the language of the heart, our emotions. And it is what we feel – our hopes, our cares, our obligations – not simply what we know that can inspire us with the courage to act.”
Marshall Ganz, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School.
Understanding leadership as “accepting the responsibility for enabling others to achieve shared purpose in the face of uncertainty” enables us to understand the importance of Public Narrative for leadership.
Public narrative is a leadership practice of creating the emotional conditions to enable others to respond to challenges purposefully. It is how we learn to access the moral resources – the courage – to make the choices that shape our identities – as individuals, as communities, as nations.
Recognizing the importance of public narrative as a leadership skill, the first session of the Resistance school fall semester was dedicated to the lecture of Professor Ganz. Ganz’s amazing teaching team produced a set of videos to help you not only learn how to tell yours, but also how to coach others in crafting their narratives.
Enjoy the video while learning new leadership skills.

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