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LCNTI  Theory of Change

LCNTI supports college and university educators with developing courses in the practice of leadership, organizing, and action. Courses in organizing practice can enable students – and teachers – to develop an urgently needed capacity for civic leadership – and contribute to creating cultures of active citizenship in the college as a whole. The LNCTI creates opportunities for training, peer coaching, ongoing learning, mentoring, and sharing resources.

The LCN Pedagogy: Organizing: People, Power & Change

Marshall Ganz Teaching ClassMarshall Ganz and collaborators have developed a pedagogy for introducing the practice of civic leadership, organizing and action to a rising generation. This approach is based on offering students an opportunity to organize others to work together to achieve shared purpose rooted in five specific practices: relationship building, story telling, strategizing, acting, and structuring leadership. Students commit to values based organizing projects that require mobilizing others to determine, strategize, and achieve an outcome by the end of the semester. Students’ learning is supported with lecture/discussion, readings, reflection papers, and skill workshops. Courses have been housed in a variety of disciplines, including sociology, anthropology, political science, social work, public administration, and theology.

Institutions Offering Organizing: People, Power & Change
  • Bunker Hill Community College*
  • College of the Holy Cross
  • Harvard College*
  • Harvard Kennedy School*
  • Harvard Graduate School of Education*
  • Providence College*
  • Stonehill College
  • Syracuse University*
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst*
  • University of Michigan*
  • University of Toronto*
  • University of the South*
  • Wellesley College*
Institutions Offering Public Narrative
  • Harvard University*
  • Emory University

*indicates colleges currently offering the course

To Launch A Course At Your College

Whether to Teach Organizing: People, Power & Change

The time, energy, and intensity of teaching this course demands a great deal of personal and professional reflection. If you are exploring teaching this course because you care about the topic at hand (democratic leadership, social change, community organizing) and you are highly motivated to deepen your own knowledge and experience of developing the leadership of your students as they learn tools of social change, then this course is for you.

Before you commit to developing and teaching this course at your college, consider the points in this document.

Tell Us About Yourself

Please complete the Online Faculty Interest Form here. You can expect to be contacted by the Teaching Initiative coordinator within two weeks time. The TI coordinator will work with you to determine ways to best support your learning.

Training, Peer-Coaching and Continual Learning

The Leading Change Network Teaching Initiative identifies faculty from across disciplines with interests in civic engagement, service-learning, leadership development and organizing who want to launch LCN organizing or public narrative courses at their colleges/universities. Instructors interested in learning about the pedagogy by experiencing the course first-hand, may apply to enroll in Marshall Ganz’s spring online course click here. All interested instructors can access our comprehensive teaching resources in the LCN online Resource Center. For instructors with prior experience with the pedagogy, the Teaching Initiative pairs them with a peer coach. Once instructors begin teaching their courses, they are encouraged to participate in a community of practice with other instructors teaching the organizing course.

Teaching Resources


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