Liz McKenna

Liz McKenna is PhD student in sociology at UC Berkeley. She grew up in the California Bay Area where she began organizing around disability rights at the age of thirteen.  After taking Ganz’s Practicing Democracy seminar as an undergraduate, she conducted participant-observer research in six slum communities in Brazil for her thesis, “To be human is to be a capitalist: a discursive critique of microfinance.”

Liz worked as a field organizer on the 2008 Obama campaign in Port Clinton, Ohio, and as a regional field director on the 2012 reelect in Columbus, Ohio. Her current research focuses on Obama for America’s use of organizing practices in electoral settings and the co-optation of social movements in Brazil. (See her translation of an article by the Institute for Social and Political Studies professor Breno Bringel, “Brazil within the geopolitics of global outrage.”)


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