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Karen Olson


Perspektiva Moscow



Short bio

I discovered I was an organizer while working as one for the 2008 Obama campaign in Florida, after which I left my job as an interpreter to focus on organizing. While taking the LOA course in 2012, I launched the Theatrical Perspectives program for the disability rights NGO Perspektiva in Moscow, where I was living. The program, now in its third year, provides training in playwriting from professional playwrights to young people with disabilities ages 12 -16.Their plays are then staged by professional actors and directors in a Moscow theatre. I am now based in Geneva and am about to start work on a project to create a coalition of Russian disability rights NGOs to provide robust civil society engagement in the review process of the Russian Federation’s initial report to the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which will take place in 2016/17. I am passionate about being an agent for positive change!


Switzerland & Russia

Zip/Postal Code

1206 & 119034

Languages spoken

English, Russian, French, Italian

Area of work



My area of work is promoting the rights of people with disabilities in Russia, training young people with disabilities in leadership skills. My buddy should be engaged in training, preferably working in disability rights.

Peer coaching

Strengths: insightful, good listener, experience in facilitating dialogue as co-founder and organizer of 400-member women’s organization in Moscow: I have experience in coaching public narrative. My peer should bring complementary skills.


Ana Babovic