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brian rawson


Oxfam America


Senior Advisor, Community Organizing

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Brian Rawson is Senior Advisor for Community Organizing at Oxfam America, where he runs the Oxfam Action Corps program for grassroots advocates in 15 US cities. Since 2003 he has organized with Oxfam on issues of global food security, fair trade policies, climate change, worker rights and the US Farm Bill, and has engaged thousands of members of the US public through creative outreach from rock concerts to street marches.


United States

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english, spanish

Area of work

Environment/Climate Change, Anti-Hunger/Poverty, Economic Justice


I organize a US-based support constituency to mobilize support for legislative and corporate policy change that will positively impact global hunger, poverty, climate change and injustice.

Peer coaching

Strengths: listener, big picture thinker, brainstorm, creative
Experience & skills: about 20 years organizing, mobilizing, running conferences and trainings.
Skills i’m looking for: strategic planning, best practices for managing volunteers remotely (distant cities from your own)