2014 Board Election

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Important dates:

Feb. 25
Candidate filing closed

March 4
Candidate information posted

March 15
Candidate introduction videos posted

March 15-21
Week-long candidate forum, candidates to respond to questions and to each other in a written format

March 21
Deadline to join the network in time to vote

March 22
Ballots sent by e-mail to all members

March 22
Live online candidate forum via WebEx video at 9am EDT

March 28
Voting ends

March 31
New board announced

In March, we will hold the first Network-wide elections as the next steps in the Leading Change Network’s transition process. All members are invited to participate.

Who Can Vote?
In an effort to use the election as a tool to energize and engage the Network, we have decided to open the electorate up to everyone on our current list. There will be no criteria for voting other than being on our current email list (as of March 21) and completing a simple ballot.

Who is on the board?
We will be selecting the Board of Directors of the Leading Change Network, which will hold primary responsibility for the governance of the Network, including overall strategy, staffing, funding and program support. Board membership will include 17 total seats with 7 being elected by Network members. The other non-elected seats on the board will include: 5 ex-officio members who serve in the role of Network project coordinators; 3 at-large members who will be recruited to provide additional perspective and needed skill sets to the team; and 2 staff hired by the Board.

Who Can Run?
Anyone is eligible who meets the following criteria:

  • Leading the work in the field as an organizer, educator or researcher.
  • Taken leadership within the Leading Change Network in the past 2 years. This would include taking responsibility for the Network, a project or event as a coordinator or team member.
  • Nominated by the current Network Leadership Team by having met these two criteria.

We will keep you updated by email with the next steps. If you have any questions in the mean time, feel free to email us directly at election2014@leadingchangenetwork.org


Last updated: March 21, 2014.

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