Leading change is a function of desire and capacity.

A deep desire for change must be coupled with a capacity to create change. Leadership must be recruited, trained and developed to build strong relationships, motivate engagement, strategize creatively and act effectively on the scale required to achieve success.

Processes must be developed to encourage continual learning, adaptation, and renewal. And structures must be designed to create space in which “change constituencies” can organize, grow stronger, and flourish. This is at the core of our mission.

Kanoko Kamata
Community Organizing in Japan
Daniel May
J Street University
Matt Lewis
Emory University
Sarah Kopse-Sholberg
Leading Change Network
Rachel Konforty
Facing History & Ourselves
Vicki Kaplan, Online Organizer
Mais Irqsusi
Middle East Organizing Initiative, Ahel
Hui Huang
St. Lawrence University
Duncan Hilton
Diomass Leadership Development
Esther Handy
Office of the Mayor, Seattle, WA
Ashraf Hamzah
Youth Organizer
Mensur Haliti
OSI Roma Initiatives
Natalie Elaine Finstad
Be the Change
Nizar Farsakh
PLO General Delegation to US
Erin McFee
ReThink Health
Tamar Miller
Interfaith Initiatives, Middle East
Katiusca Moreno
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Ana Babovic
Serbia on the Move
Serena Zhang
Kelsey Wirth
Climate Change Organizer; Mothers Out Front
Jesse Wilderman
Ruth Wageman
Harvard University; Rethink Health
Chris Torres
New Organizing Institute
Tiffany Steinwart
Syracuse University
Christina Sanchez
Parent Revolution, School Reform
Michele Rudy
United We Dream
Celina Barrios Millner
Student Immigration Movement
Roshan Paul
Amani Institute
Momir Pantllic
Serbia on the Move
Jennifer Oser
University of Pennsylvania
Samar Dudin
Kristen Dore
Organizer, Trainer
Voop De Vulpillieres
Hope Wood
New Organizing Institute Education Fund – NOU
Uyen Doan
Primary Care Progress
Predrag Stojicic
Serbia On The Move
Meredith Mira
Emily Lin
Chis Lawrence-Pietoni
Shivani Kumar
Leadership Organizing Action, Leading Change
Rebecca Henderson
Harvard University
Hahrie Han
Wellesley College
Nisreen Haj Ahmad
Ella Auchincloss
Leadership Development Initiative
Daniel Grandone
The Leading Change Network
Kate Hilton
Organizing for Health, an Initiative of ReThink Health
Joy Cushman
PICO National Network
Matt Baggetta
University of Indiana
Kwesi Chappin
New Organizing Institute
Nadia Chambers
NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement
Elizabeth Carter
NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement
Heather Box
The Million Person Project
Rick Battistoni
Providence College
Kareem Bardeesy
University of Toronto
Devon Anderson
Episcopal Church
Deborah Ancona
MIT Sloan School
Linda LeGerrette
Cesar Chavez Service Clubs
Carlos LeGerrette
Cesar Chavez Service Clubs
Rawan Zeine
Mary Hannah Henderson
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Nikola Ilic
Serbia On The Move
Jake Waxman
Marshall Ganz
Harvard University


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