Who We Are

The mission of the Movement Mastery Institute (MMI) is to create a set of spaces for people working toward social justice to experience transformational insights on their callings and to the gain the necessary skills to organize their communities. MMI is a hub for learning and supporting people who want to make change, especially through creating strong relationships and shared understanding across movements and communities. Psychology is our key framework for understanding organizing and personal leadership development.

The MMI team currently consists of Carlos Saavedra, Founder & Lead Trainer, and Kate Werning, Institute Coordinator & Trainer. Current projects include the development of trainings around three areas:

1) Strategic Escalation: Understanding the mechanics of successful movements and developing a hybrid model of structure and momentum based organizing.

2) Race, Power, and the Alternative: How can we create social change if we do not understand the depth of the problems we are trying to solve, and understand ourselves and our own psychology as leaders? This training seeks to synthesize thousands of years of history of oppression, race, and power dynamics into an understandable framework to give leaders the tools to understand oppression and a clear alternative to organize toward a new way. It also provides tools for leaders to have more balance and health, and lead better conversations around race and oppression that lift movements up and lessen toxicity and pain.

3) Decentralized Organization: How to organize through units of mutual aid that are self sustaining and unite both service and organizing models to create possibility for high levels of sacrifice and support in social movements.

MMI also provides coaching and training to several different social justice organizations in the U.S. and the U.K.


Training Pedagogist Job Description

We are seeking a Training Pedagogist to join our team to play an extremely important role in helping synthesize information and material to create training resources and modules.

• Support Carlos on content systematization process – talk through concepts, distill large amounts of information into simple, practical frameworks for trainings
• Create training content (participant guides, PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, visuals, articles)
• Turn content into pedagogical form (practical learning exercises, stories, metaphors, etc)
• Attend trainings and support the training team on measuring quality of training, the understanding of information, and providing feedback
• Organize information into accessible libraries, both physically (with files and books) and digitally (online resources)

• Enjoys collaboration and has the ability to balance individual needs with the needs of the community
• Solid confidence without ego
• Self discipline and self motivation to complete work plan
• Accountability to follow through with commitments and good awareness of personal capacity (when to say no)
• Good skills with PowerPoint, Word, PDFs, creating materials for print
• Good writing skills
• Experience leading trainings, political education, or teaching
• Basic graphic creation skills preferred (Photoshop)
• Bilingual Spanish and English preferred