Global Gathering 2013: Organizers, Educators, and Researchers

LCN Global Gathering


Marking the one-­year anniversary of the Leading Change Network’s inaugural Learning Conference, the Network held its 2013 Global Gathering online on Saturday, July 27th from 9:00am till 12:30pm Eastern Standard Time. The LCN2013 Global Gathering achieved the following objectives:

  • Welcomed hundreds of new participants in the LCN community: organizers, educators, and  researchers in a wide variety of fields, communities, and countries.
  • Launched five new collaborative learning opportunities and invited participation in them.
  • Built relationships among organizers, educators, and researchers, each of  whom, in her/his own way, are working to change the world by developing leadership and people power.
  • Reported, shared, and celebrated the learning, accomplishments, and challenges of the last year.


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GG Leadership Team


1.Global Learning Circles:  provides a regular forum for practitioners to meet in small groups (in-person or virtually) for intensive learning for 4 months. The Global Learning Circle is a great opportunity to keep you engaged in organizing theory and practice as well as meet and learn from other activists from around the world. To join, please email Rawan Zeine

2.Teaching Initiative:  develops and pursues a plan to support new educational institutions and educators interested in adopting organizing-related curricula. To join, fill out this online form or contact LCNTI Teaching Coordinator Mary Hannah Henderson

Read Merideth Mira’s Story and Introduction to this initiative.

3.Research Initiative:  expands the community of scholars and organizers so that the people developing new knowledge about organizing can easily find research advice, instruments, data, ideas, questions, theories, projects and collaborators. To join, contact Liz McKenna

4.Resource Center:  offers a central, online forum that will allow users to access a wide collection of organizing-related materials including guides, selected readings, videos, and forums for peer-to-peer sharing and member-generated content. To join, contact Nikola Ilic

5.Organizing 2.0:  creates a forum to develop an advanced set of equally accessible tools to enable organizers to deal with scale and complexity. To join, contact Uyen Doan



1.Organizing in Health with Pedja Stojicic * Lead Organizer, Serbia on the Move

2.”Power With” Campaigns: Changing Behavior with Samar Dudin  *Lead Organizer, Ruwwad Jordan

3.Online Practices: Beyond Mobilizing to Organizing & Building Leadership with Amy Faulring & Tessa Simonds *NOI & MoveOn

4.Campaign Values and Culture: Mindful Choices with Mais Irqsusi * Co Director,

5.From Clientele to Constituents: How Can Organizing Reverse the Dependency Cycle? Natalie Finstad *Director, Tatua Kenya

6.Public Narrative II:
Domination, Loss, Difference and Change With Marshall Ganz




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