Right for Moms: Mothers who made a power shift in Serbia

We are pleased to share this update from Ana Babovic, team leader of the Serbia on the Move core team.

SOTM moms bravo Being a parent is not an easy job. It is full time, requires proficiency, love, patience and after all money. No matter how difficult it is, everybody says it’s one of the most precious moments in your life when you get that screaming small creature. However, In Serbia moms don’t have that luxurious position to enjoy carelessly those moments. The fact that their salary is late for months put them in the position of worry about how to create sufficient means and satisfy all needs of newly born kids. To be clear, we are talking about fully and legally employed women whose salary during 11 months of maternity leave is guaranteed by state. However, irresponsible state hided itself behind the employer who is in charge of payments for moms, which are then reimbursed by state. This of course functions only on paper since in real life state is late with these payments which puts employer in the situation to finance state and become financially impotent. At the end of the story, employers don’t pay moms and moms are left without salaries in the moment when they need money at most.

With an idea of solving this problem Serbia on the move started a campaign to push the state to take full responsibility for moms and pay them directly from the state budget.
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“How Organizations Develop Activists” – new book by professor Hahrie Han

We are so excited to announce the release of Hahrie Han’s new book about how organizations build and mobilize effective networks of activists. Below is a letter from Hahrie to members of the network. We hope you’ll check it out.

Hahrie HanI first learned about organizing as an undergraduate in Marshall Ganz’s seminar at Harvard. Growing up in Texas as the daughter of Korean immigrants who were more concerned about securing their own financial footing than they were about politics, I had never heard of community organizing. But in that class, I developed a language and framework for understanding the experiences I had attending school as the only Asian kid in a predominantly white, wealthy parochial school. Building power, Marshall’s class taught me, begins with developing leadership.

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LCN Election Report Released

A few months ago, LCN launched its first election, and the participation of the LCN community enabled a Board of Directors to be voted in! We learned a lot in the process of organizing the election, and we wanted to share this learning so others could benefit as well.

Our Network Organizer Ruby Sinreich took the lead on writing this report with great support and advice from Dan Grandone, Marshall Ganz, Sung E Bai, and the Board candidates. We hope you find it useful.

Click here to read the report on Google Docs.

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Election Results In!

We are excited to announce the winners of our first membership-wide board election. We appreciate all 15 candidates for their willingness to serve and engage in this active month-long campaign. And a special thanks to all of you for voting! There were 367 total ballots cast from members across 44 countries. Congratulations to the top 7 candidates (in bold) who become the Network’s new board members! Jacob Waxman           149 Rawan Zeine           146 Christina Sánchez      143 Predrag Stojicic      139 Jesse Wilderman        129 Art Reyes   … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Marshall!

Last week was the birthday of our own Marshall Ganz. One of his students compiled this video with hundreds of greetings from around the world.

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