Who are the Global Affiliates?

The Global Affiliates of the Leading Change Network are a group of organisations from different countries in the world whose mission is to support community organising for change – for human rights and justice. Some of these organisations serve that mission by providing training and coaching to community leaders and activists, while others run their own campaigns and are membership based. However, they all use the framework developed by Marshall Ganz and colleagues adapting it as is necessary to their context and culture.

We are now 9 organisations from 6 different countries and we hope to add 3 new members in 2016. This network of organisations meet to share resources and learning  twice a year online and once in person. Their last in person gathering was in Serbia in March 2015. You can read its executive summary and papers here.


Read more about each of the affiliates below:


Serbia on the Move (Serbia)SOTM

Serbia on the Move was founded on 04th July 2009 with the idea to empower, motivate and encourage individuals to collectively and jointly participate in creating a better quality of life in Serbia. Serbia on the Move’s mission is to create a strong and responsible civil society by motivating individuals to actively participate in creating changes that will make their lives better. 


Ahel (Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon)

Ahel- based in Amman to work in Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria – is a social enterprise founded in 2011. Ahel’s mission is to support people organize their power and resources to lead campaigns towards justice and freedom using a value-based community-organizing model. Ahel does that by providing training and coaching to community leaders. It publish its learning and material on mujtama3i.org in Arabic.

Community Organizing Japan (Japan), 

CO Japan

Community Organizing Japan was established in January 2014. COJ aims to provide training on community organizing, adapt organizing to the Japanese context and practice organizing to solve social issue. So far they have run many trainings for students, teachers, activists, media and members of non profit organisations.

Tatua Kenya (Kenya),

Tatua’s vision is a society where communities effectively lead social change. They pursue achieving that vision through building community driven movements throughout Africa by training civil and human rights workers in transformational community engagement models. Tatua was first established as Be the Change – Kenya to offer local leaders the chance to create solutions to child poverty with their own resources and later broadened is scope to building community movements.

Haiyya (India)

Haiyya’s mission is to strengthen participatory democracy in urban neighborhoods across India. It is also to build an aware, deliberative, and active citizenry by implementing, supporting, and sharing community organizing strategies to hold our government – and people – accountable for solving civic issues. Haiyya provides training, information, and toolkits to build neighborhood leadership teams that transcend age, socio-economic background, and culture.

Nisreen Haj Ahmad is coordinating the Global Affiliates. Please write her on nisreenhaj@gmail.com if your organisation wishes to join the Global Affiliates.


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