The Leading Change Network’s Strategic Goals:

Teaching Leadership Development through the Lens of Organizing:

  • Through our “cascading” leadership training where our students graduate from novice to apprentice, journeyman and master through the facilitation of our workshops and coaching in longer term projects;
  • Through our course offerings in organizing, public narrative, moral leadership and our distance learning initiatives;
  • Through the adaptation of our curriculum for global use.

Building the Leadership Capacity of  “Change Constituencies” though a Community of Practice: Assembling a mix of long-term partnerships and short-term trainings among practitioners with the goal of creating sustainable change; Hosting peer and sector conferences to enable peer-to-peer learning among trainers and nonprofits who have been through our trainings.

Create Research projects that inform/improve the practice of organizing, public narrative and leadership development for social movements that includes:

  • Developing case studies from past campaigns for the classroom;
  • Developing new action research linked to on-going work.

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