Job Title: Fundraiser

Works Remotely

Starts January 2018


Application deadline 20th October, 2017


Job Profile

Very few LCN activities and events include participation fees. LCN membership is designed to include charges, for both organizations and individuals, however they are set at a very low rate, existing solely to define the membership and let us know who our constituency is. The larger part of the LCN budget will have to come from donors – both organizations and individuals. With that in mind, the LCN Fundraiser is expected to secure financial targets through fundraising. S/he is expected to identify potential funders both international and US-based, both foundations and individuals. The LCN fundraiser will also pursue leads provided by members of the board and run a couple of crowdfunding campaigns. S/he will prepare the needed documents and visuals to support his/her role, and will be supported by the rest of the LCN team.


Typical responsibilities
  • Develops and implements a fundraising strategy;
  • Maps and monitors donors, their interests, and calls for proposals;
  • Develops and maintains the database of potential donors and actual donors;
  • Develops and writes high quality concept notes/expressions of interest and proposals;
  • Runs periodic online crowdfunding campaigns, as well as fundraising events for LCN;
  • Connects with LCN team members, Network members and partners to understand priorities and evolve projects into proposals for funding;
  • Pursues leads of potential donors suggested by the LCN board members, advisory committee and friends of LCN;
  • Builds relationships with donors and potential donors to understand their interests and needs, which the LCN should address in its current and planned activities;
  • Over time, achieves growth in LCN’s donations and grants.


Candidate Profile and Qualifications
  • Passion and commitment to global justice, human rights, citizen empowerment and social change;
  • Extensive understanding of fundraising and significant experience of proposal development and grant management using participatory methodologies and approaches;
  • Proven track record of securing substantial donations/grants from a range of individual and institutional funding sources;
  • Ability to plan and implement fundraising strategies;
  • Experience in developing tailored communications products for different donors;
  • Excellent administrative, organizational and planning skills;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Proven skills in cultivating and stewarding donors;
  • Ability to work collaboratively with all colleagues, stakeholders, members, partners;
  • High professionalism, self-motivation, efficiency and results-oriented delivery on short timelines;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with sensitivity to cultural communication differences;
  • Readiness to work across different time zones globally.



LCN is a global virtual organization, with most of our work done over email, telephone, internet and other modern technologies. Our staff are based in cities all over the world and meet at team retreats three times a year.



Salary varies with location and experience, but is competitive with leading nongovernmental organizations. This position can be compensated by a daily fee for number of days worked or based on a percentage of the amount fundraised.  This is open to negotiations.


Apply to Join Us

Before COB October 20th, 2017 ET time, send an email with one attachment – a file that includes both your letter of interest and your CV – to the following email address Please write the job title you are applying for in the subject of the email. If you are shortlisted you will be contacted for an interview and for letters of reference.