LCN Forum Coordinator

Job Title: LCN Forum Coordinator

Works Remotely

Starts January 2018


Application deadline: October 20th, 2017


Job Profile

LCN Forum is the space where LCN hosts speaker series, panel discussions, and presentations to capture and share the latest advancements in the field of organizing (new trends, tactics and initiatives), as well as latest trends and developments in research and theory.  The LCN Forum Coordinator is responsible for leading the LCN Forum program. S/He ensures that the LCN has a very attractive program and that the Forum is organized once every two months. The Coordinator is looking to feature the latest advancements in the field of organizing, social movements, leadership, or the latest trends and developments in research and theory on all the above. The Forum Coordinator’s role is particularly important because it is the LCN’s public face to a large degree. It is the only space that is open to a wider public (members and non-members), and will be a place for attracting new members, while encouraging and inspiring the already engaged members. The LCN Forum Coordinator is expected to work closely with the Knowledge Capturer and Writer, ensuring that the learning materialized at the Forums is well documented in various forms, and is well disseminated.

Typical responsibilities
  • Monitors and keeps track of latest trends and developments in the fields relevant to LCN’s mission including social movements, leadership, community organizing and narrative research;
  • Monitors and keeps track of high profile speakers in the fields relevant to LCN’s mission including social movements, leadership, community organizing and narrative research;
  • Develops and proposes a program of webinar speaker events for the LCN Forum 2018 calendar;
  • Contacts and recruits diverse speakers and facilitators for each of the LCN Forums;
  • Together with the speakers and facilitators, designs the best flow for the Forum events, and ensures synergies between all involved;
  • Together with the Communication and Tech Manager, promotes the event and frames it in the right way to attract members of the LCN, as well as non-members;
  • Together with the Communication and Tech Manager, ensures that the event’s technology is available and well managed;
  • Ensures that each of the events is well evaluated, and that lessons learned are drawn and captured for future events;
  • Ensures that the events are video recorded and, in cooperation with the Learning Capturer and Writer, that the follow-up dissemination is done well;
  • Captures participants information and ensures they are in the database, keeping a metrics of the LCN forum program.


Candidate profile and qualifications
  • Passion and commitment to global justice, human rights, citizen empowerment and social change;
  • Knowledge of the community organizing framework developed by Marshall Ganz and associates is required. Experience in organizing in the field is preferred;
  • Connections with opinion leaders, professors, researchers and practitioners in the field of public leadership, social movements, and community organizing;
  • Strong interest and experience in organizing learning gatherings -especially online ones- that are interactive, open to community members as well as to the public;
  • Competence in relevant technology skills;
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail;
  • High professionalism, self-motivation, efficiency and results-oriented delivery on short timelines;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with sensitivity to cultural communication differences;
  • Readiness to work across different time zones globally;
  • Outstanding written and oral communication skills;
  • Fluency in English is a requirement. Fluency in other languages is desirable;
  • Strong teamwork skills, comfortable in a highly collaborative team culture;
  • Pleasant, diplomatic manner and disposition in interacting with senior management, co-workers, our members, and the general public.

LCN is a global virtual organization, with most of our work done over email, telephone, internet and other modern technologies. Our staff are based in cities all over the world and meet at team retreats three times a year.


Salary varies with location and experience, but is competitive with leading nongovernmental organizations. Benefits for full-time positions also range with location, but include 4 weeks paid vacation per year.

 Apply to Join Us

Before COB October 20th, 2017 ET time, send an email with one attachment – a file that includes both your letter of interest and your CV – to the following email address Please write the job title you are applying for in the subject of the email. If you are shortlisted you will be contacted for an interview and for letters of reference.