Community Builder

Job Title: Community Builder

Works Remotely

Starts October 2017


Application deadline: September 20th, 2017


Job Profile

The Community Builder is a pivotal position in an organization that is membership-based and seeks to grow and nurture its members. The Community Builder builds strong relations with the members, understands their needs and strengths, and links them with each other, so they can develop joint learning initiatives, and organize learning and coaching events open to the entire community.  The success of the Community Builder is linked to how well s/he knows the members, and measured by how many of LCN members took leadership in organizing learning and coaching events for the LCN community to capture, evolve and spread knowledge.

Typical responsibilities
  • Analyzes and understands the membership of the LCN,
  • Grows the membership base of LCN by number and diversity,
  • Builds strong relations with as many members as possible,
  • Understands the needs of the members to be addressed by LCN or by other members,
  • Identifies links and common interests between different members, and has a vision for how they can enrich each other,
  • Encourages and coaches members to initiate and lead LCN events,
  • Identifies clusters of members that share common cause or expertise and encourages their joint leadership,
  • Identifies enriching stories, advancements and innovations of our members, for documentation purposes or to be subject of learning sessions,
  • Develops and runs activities and interventions designed to build relations between the members.

Candidate profile and qualifications
  • Passion and commitment to global justice, human rights, citizen empowerment and social change,
  • Minimum three years of experience working for public causes in which coaching and building community were key parts of the job,
  • Bachelor’s degree in social science,
  • High professionalism, self-motivation, efficiency and results-oriented delivery on short timelines,
  • Openness and drive to learning with a positive outlook to possibility,
  • Passion and ability for building and maintaining relationships with a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds,
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with sensitivity to cultural communication differences,
  • Readiness to work across different time zones globally,
  • Outstanding written and oral communication skills,
  • Fluency in English is a requirement. Fluency in other languages is desirable,
  • Strong teamwork skills, comfortable in a highly collaborative team culture,
  • Strong project management skills with ability to maintain processes, systems, and workflows and ensure adherence and follow-up,
  • Pleasant, diplomatic manner and disposition in interacting with senior management, co-workers, our members, and the general public,
  • Demonstrated expertise in handling all information in a confidential manner,
  • Knowledge of community organizing preferred.


LCN is a global virtual organization, with most of our work done over email, telephone, internet and other modern technologies. Our staff are based in cities all over the world and meet at team retreats three times a year.


Salary varies with location and experience, but is competitive with leading nongovernmental organizations. Benefits for full-time positions also range with location, but include 4 weeks paid vacation per year.

Apply to Join Us

Before COB September 20th, 2017 ET time, send an email to with one attachment – a file that includes both your letter of interest and your CV. Please write the job title you are applying for in the subject of the email. If you are shortlisted you will be contacted for an interview and for letters of reference.