Take a preview of the campaigns we’ll explore at the Global Gathering

During the Global Gathering we will hear from Organizers about several exciting mobilization efforts, and take time to reflect together on the lessons they hold for all of us as Organizers.  Don’t wait until Saturday to learn about these efforts!  Take a peek now at content already available online:

Boresha Elimu, mobilizing support for early childhood education in Kenya, supported by Tatua Kenya

Divest UVic, a campus effort in western Canada to confront climate change

The Equitable Food Initiative, finding common cause in the food industry to improve farmworker rights and wages

Prawer Won’t Pass, a mobilization to stop the forced dislocation of thousands of Palestinian Bedouins.

Rights for Moms in Serbia, advocating for the right to maternity leave pay, a project of Serbia on the Move

The Silver Heights Housing Project , a community united to rebuild after a devastating fire, by Gawad Kalinga in the Philippines


Boresha Elimu, or "Improve Education," is the call of Organizer Jacob Okumu

Boresha Elimu, or “Improve Education,” is the call of Organizer Jacob Okumu

Land and people affected by the Prawer Plan.

Land and people affected by the Prawer Plan.

The Divest UVic campaign

The Divest UVic campaign





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