What will YOU get from the Global Gathering?

Here are two reflections from participants in our past community gatherings. If you attended the 2012 Global Learning Conference or the 2013 Global Gathering we’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments. If you are attending this year’s gathering on November 15th (registration closes in two days!) let us know what you are looking forward to.

“Last year’s Global Gathering was my first experience with LCN, and since then I’ve learned so much more about social change organizing by working with people from all around the world! Even though I didn’t know a single person at the Global Gathering last year, it was a perfect starting place to join the Network.”

– Drew Serres, Delaware Organizer, Americans for Democratic Action


“I was amazed to learn that they face the same challenges as we do. I realized that all of us struggle with how to engage people who feel apathy, inertia and fear. I learned that all of us face the challenge of having a bad apple in the team and that we are all concerned of how to deal with it. With sharing those campaign stories and through discussion about different challenges we learned from each other, I learned from them how they address those challenges and that helped me a lot to think about how to overcome ours. In addition to that, I felt I have a community of people from all around the globe whom I can contact for coaching and advice.”

– Ana Babovic, Executive Director, Serbia on the Move

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