Global Gathering Agenda



November 15th, 2014 8.30am – 1pm EST




Opening, Marshall Ganz, LCN founder

Welcoming the participants, introduceing what we will be doing throughout the day, present the work of the LCN in the previous year

1:1 meetings

Meet a network coaching partner, connect and start building relationship

Learning in Action rooms – How does organizing change the world?

Learn more about campaigns from around the globe directly from the organizers, themselves. How is organizing changing their communities and the world? Learn together through reflection, discussion, and Q&A.

  1. Engaging local communities

                Silver Heights (Philippines), Boresha Elimu (Kenya), Divest UVic (Canada)     

  1. Challenging national policies/norms

                Prawer Won’t Pass (Palestine), Rights for Moms (Serbia), Equitable Food Initiative (USA)

Discussion Rooms – Challenges and issues organizers are facing

Organizing is learned through practice; however we all face similar challenges. Different models for overcoming these challenges are identified, though not widely shared, so let us learn from each other.

  1. The Role of Organizing, Mobilizing, and Services in Social Change
  2. Sustainability in Organizing and Organizations
  3. (Re)strategizing in Action: Engaging Decision Makers


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