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[books]The LCN Teaching Initiative is thrilled to share syllabi from nine faculty teaching adaptations of the Organizing: People, Power, Change course at their colleges and universities in the LCN Resource Center. You’ll see that while each instructor has adapted the pedagogy to their unique college contexts and student populations, there are core elements of the pedagogy common to all the courses. Our approach is based on offering students an opportunity to organize others to work together to achieve shared purpose rooted in five specific practices: relationship building, story telling, strategizing, acting, and structuring leadership. Students commit to values based organizing projects that require mobilizing others to determine, strategize, and achieve an outcome by the end of the semester. Students’ learning is supported with lecture/discussion, readings, reflection papers, and skill workshops. Courses have been housed in programs representing a variety of disciplines, including sociology, anthropology, political science, social work, public administration, and theology.

If you want to develop a course at your institution, you can start by taking a look at these syllabi and some selected teaching materials.  Please also fill out our Teaching Initiative Interest Form at so that we can follow up with you about ways we can support you to adapt this approach to your classroom – including through one-to-one coaching.

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